There is a yearly annual subscription fee based on financial tax years. We will keep annual subscription costs reasonable and have a view to ensuring our products are good value for money.

Below is the current pricing schedule.

As the programs and site are always developing please feel free to give any suggestions which will help make our products more relevant and useful for you.

Payment of subscriptions
Payment is via Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still pay by credit card. Your credit card transaction will be processed via Paypal (so is Paypal secure) without the need for a Paypay account.

Proposed future prices:

Financial Years2019202020212022
ABN CashbookFree55.0055.0055.00
Donations Gifts & Political ContributionsFreeFreeFreeFree
Employee Work Related DeductionsFree3.303.303.30
Fuel LitresFree1.101.101.10
Rental PropertyFree33.0033.0033.00
Taxi DriverFree22.0022.0022.00
Travel Diary DomesticFree3.303.303.30
Travel Diary OverseasFree4.404.404.40
Vehicle Log Book or KilometresFree2.202.202.20