General & Tax Agents Information

This is a general outline for use of taxrecord subscriptions outside the actual products.

Once subscribed you get a drop down menu by clicking on “your email address” showing:

  • Personal Details: name phone email password can all be changed here
  • Subscription Details: shows products subscribed for and can subscribe to new products here
  • Settings: you can hide and show different products if you do/don’t want them showing in the drop downs.
  • Add Tax Agents Email: add your Tax Agents email here to allow them full online access to your taxrecord file.
  • Clients Authorized: Shows a full list of clients currently subscribed to taxrecord that have authorized you by adding your email to their file.  Click on the clients “person” icon to view their tax record information and you have full access to and usage of their tax records. You can sort by First Name, Last Name or Email by clicking on each of those to help find clients if you have many.

Tax Agents need to be subscribed to access all clients that have authorized them. Tax Agents can subscribe to the free of charge tax year which creates a user account and this is enough to give you access to your clients taxrecord file using your own login and password. You can also subscribe and use any of the taxrecord products subscribed for within this login. You can access a clients records but you need to log out of them and back into your taxrecord to view the next client. You can only have one client at a time logged in on the same computer. The taxrecord file can be open and used at the same time by you and your client on different computers which enables you to assist them.