Fuel Litres

FUEL LITRES is a user-friendly way to record your fuel litres throughout the year to assist with claiming Fuel tax credits. This app was developed in response to a request by a Taxrecord client.


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APPLICATIONS FUEL LITRES – record fuel litres.

Complete the following:

  • Date
  • Number of Litres
  • Business percentage (if less than 100%)

Generated – Shows reports generated. Data is as at generated date a new report must be generated to reflect any changes.

Total litres by date – enter start date and end date and click “generate report”.  This will generate a “Fuel litres by date”, showing date, business percentage, Business %, total litres and the business litres used for that date period.

All Reports can be saved to your device or printed using the information on the screen.


Fuel tax credit eligibility tool:

Fuel tax credit calculator:

Fuel tax credits general information:

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