Welcome to Tax Record

What is Tax Record?
Tax Record is a number of record keeping tools to help keep basic tax affairs in order.

Tax Records products are cloud web based applications. Programs and data are stored in the cloud so you can access it using internet connected devices. You can use it anywhere with internet connection via web browsers.

Tax Record is a single entry accounting program with simple data keying and basic reports to assist at tax time and with preparing BAS forms.

Why use Tax Record?
Tax Record is simple, user friendly, easy to use and saves time. Tax Record helps keep you organised and enhances accuracy. Tax Record is not an accounting package therefore contains no accounting jargon.

Tax Record is a great replacement for E-Record, spread sheets, manual cashbooks and shoeboxes.

You can give your tax agent accountant access to your data for their assistance and advice. Your tax agent accountant will get clear organised data for preparing your Tax Return and/or BAS which will save you and them time and money.

You always have access to your data even if no longer subscribed. Subscription is on an annual tax year data entry basis only. This means you can enter and access all data for prior years when you were subscribed. If your subscription lapses you will not be able to enter any new data the next tax year.

All entered data and reports can be saved as PDF on your own hard drive and/or emailed. This enables you to feel secure that you always have your data.

Who should use Tax Record?
Tax Record is designed for Individual taxpayers, sole traders and small family partnerships. It is particularly useful for home based business and cash based business. It should not be used if you want double entry accounting or to do bank reconciliations.

Our Mission Statement
Tax Record assists Tax Agents, Individuals and Micro Business’ by providing simple tax record tools for accuracy, confidence and ease. Tax Record promotes collaboration and community values.